“WATSON – The Final Problem” – Bert Coules’ new play

WATSON – The Final Problem

 by Bert Coules and Tim Marriott

from the story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Trailer: https://youtu.be/afS3VhgHn-c

Full audio recording at: www.smokescreenprods.com from Sunday May 24

WATSON: The Final Problem:  an audio interpretation of the classic story, prior to a solo stage adaptation – when allowed!

John Watson is alone. London seethes with false reports and rumour and it is time to set the record straight.
“I alone know the truth and I mean to see the truth told.”
So Watson tells his tale. A tale of long buried secrets, betrayal and death.
There is a shadow in the gutters of London.
A spider’s web of poisonous intrigue lies across the city.
Someone is playing a despicable game and Holmes and Watson must face their greatest ever challenge.

Watson is performed by Tim Marriott (The Brittas Empire, Allo, Allo) and written by Bert Coules  (BBC’s The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Cadfael, Rebus) and Tim Marriott; music by Clive Whitburn.

The intention was to perform Watson: The Final Problem on stage this autumn and on tour in 2021, but in the current circumstances the aim was to make a radio-style recording in isolation to help develop the project and keep the creatives busy in lockdown.

In true Sherlock Homes style, ingeniously improvising with home equipment, Tim Marriott recorded the script in a makeshift home studio made with a microphone and laptop under a duvet held up by a kitchen chair; Clive Whitburn created the score in his garden shed; and Bert Coules drew on all his past BBC experience to stitch the piece together using only the electronic equivalent of a razor blade, splicing tape, and a collection of improvised sound effects.

WATSON: The Final Problem will be available at
www.smokescreenprods.com from Sunday May 24.

Duration: 55 mins
Tickets: Free, but donations requested
Suitability: 12+

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