The Society and the National Liberal Club


Some information about our our hosts

Since lockdown the Society has experienced considerable difficulty in finding central London locations for meetings at a reasonable cost. We have now taken the opportunity to cement our relationship with the National Liberal Club and will be using their meeting rooms when they are available and suitable for the particular event.  These will usually be the scholarly meetings in March, May and October and the Film Evening. 

One possible consequence is that some members of the National Liberal Club may join the Sherlock Holmes Society of London.  The National Liberal Club is hoping that it might also pick up some new members. 

The National Liberal Club is well aware that the Sherlock Holmes Society has no political affiliation, but it has two classes of membership, political and non-political.  They advise All we ask of our members is that they don’t use the Club premises for any activities that are harmful to the cause of Liberalism.  

The Chairman of the National Liberal Club, Mr Tim McNally has advised that if anybody in the Sherlock Holmes Society of London wishes to join the National Liberal Club, the Club will waive the £200 joining fee. 

The National Liberal Club website can be found at – National Liberal Club

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