The Sherlock Holmes Gazetteer

You will notice that a new tab has appeared on our website bearing the title Gazetteer! Its purpose is to give a visual depiction, along with commentary, of places suggested as locations in the 56 stories and 4 novels. So this is now the opportunity to see the favoured candidates for Baskerville Hall!

The idea is you will be able to plan your visit to the locations when you wish and not have to wait until the Society plans a trip. So far we have covered a quarter of the stories (The Hound of the Baskervilles and 14 others) and you can search by county or by story. Postcodes are included, as are maps, and you can rate the location after visiting it. We have also tried to include contemporary illustrations where possible.

The sources used include the works of Bernard Davies and Thomas Bruce Wheeler, and the excellent monographs produced by the Society – for which there are links to our merchandise section for you to buy and find out more.

We aim to release more locations for the stories periodically.

To the Sherlock Holmes biography tab we will also be adding a Holmesian section (places where he drank, had coffee in the BBC TV Sherlock series, etc) and a Doylean section –  but that is for the future.

So this is very much work in progress! But we hope that you find it interesting.

Thanks to Ashley Mayo, Elaine McCafferty , Nick Utechin and John Morewood for their contributions. (15 down, only 45 to go….)

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