The Honorary Treasurer

Sherlock Holmes Treasure

The Society is looking for a member to take over the post of Honorary Treasurer with effect from the AGM in May.  Full training will be given, and the out-going Treasurer will work with the incoming Treasurer for the rest of this calendar year, to complete the year’s accounting cycle.

The Honorary Treasurer is an elected member of the Society’s Council, taking a particular responsibility for the financial affairs of the Society.  The Society is in good financial health and the main task of the Treasurer is to preserve this.  Working with the other members of Council, the Treasurer oversees the main sources of operational income and expenditure which are: for the Society’s events; for membership and the Sherlock Holmes Journal; and for merchandise. The Society also incurs overhead costs, such as for the maintenance of its web site.  The Honorary Treasurer is expected to attend Council meetings roughly 6 times a year and the AGM, which are held in Central London in the evening.

Please click here for the full job description.  Anyone interested in taking the role on should contact the Chair at with a brief resumé of their relevant experience.

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