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“The Fortnightly Dispatch” – featuring Nick Utechin

is where you’ll find the YouTube channel of the other leading Sherlock Holmes periodical – the, um, er … oh, what’s it called? … 

Ah, yes! It’s The Baker Street Journal …

Joking aside, we think you’ll be interested in a virtual project hosted on the BSJ YouTube channel, launched by the Baker Street Irregulars to keep Holmesians interested and entertained in these difficult days. It’s called The Fortnightly Dispatch.

Every two weeks, Steve Doyle (publisher of The Baker Street Journal) talks to well-known Sherlockians remotely by Zoom and posts the results.   Guests so far have included Les Klinger (editor of The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes), Vincent Starrett expert Ray Betzner, and Denny Dobry, who has recreated Holmes and Watson’s sitting-room full-size in his own house.   

And the latest interview is with your own (your very own) Nick Utechin, talking about Ronald Knox and his contribution to the Great Game. Don’t miss it!   

If you’re so amazingly up-to-date that you have YouTube available on your TV, just to go to search and find ‘Baker Street Irregulars’ … and the Dispatch comes up!