Special Screening of Sherlock Holmes movie

President of The Sherlock Holmes Society, Guy Marriott, will be at a special screening of the new Sherlock Holmes movie.

Guy will be there to introduce the film and give some background on Holmes, The Society and how Guy Ritchie’s film compares to the stories and characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Will the new film inspire a whole new generation to delve into the the canon of Sherlock Holmes? How will Robert Downey Jr’s Holmes measure up to the great Basil Rathbone or many fans’ favourite, Jeremy Brett? Can Jude Law really refer to himself as “Dr Hotson”? Did Holmes really keep his shag in the toe-end of a Persian slipper? Is this the start of a fantastic new franchise? What did Conan Doyle think of the Holmes phenomenon and, pray tell, how does one become a member of The Society which counts the great and the good amongst its ranks? Perhaps some of these questions will be answered when Society president Guy Marriott arrives at The Lexi (perhaps by Hansom cab) to introduce the film and this latest incarnation of the great detective, pugilist, addict, martial artist and pipe fiend.

Make haste to The Lexi Cinema next Tuesday evening for 9pm sharp, to catch the good president’s fascinating introduction.

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