“Ships, Spies and Ghosts in the Windy East” – 10-12 September 2021

“Ships, Spies and Ghosts in the Windy East”

I am now able to confirm that next month’s Scholarship Weekend to Harwich has been postponed until the weekend of September 10th to 12th 2021. I am sorry that the visit has taken some time to clarify but there have been a number of Covid-19 related issues to resolve. I thank you all for your patience and support at these exacting times. We are so disappointed but now can look forward to next year!

Some members have already confirmed their attendance in September 2021 and the Society will be contacting members who have booked for this year. Officers will contact members in the coming days. We fervently hope that the game will emphatically be afoot next autumn!

                                                            All good wishes,

                                                               David Jones

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