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On Sunday 8th August the BBC’s ‘Sherlock’ series came to an end (although we’re sure there will be more from Cumberbatch and Freeman).

In a recent Guardian interview series co-creator Mark Gatiss said the lightbulb moment came when “speaking to the Sherlock Holmes Society of London and discussing the fact that the original Watson was invalided home after serving in Afghanistan.”

We therfore feel its worth getting thoughts and opinions from the society and its members – so please let us know what you thought using the form below, tell us your favourite episode using the poll on the left hand side or join us on facebook for discussions on this and other topics.

To start us off the views of two of our council members:

Roger Johnson:

I can happily report that Sherlock is all we’d hoped for and more! All too often you come across a new version of something classic, not necessarily literature, that’s been adapted to make it palatable to the everyone – so much so that it’s become, for example, ‘detective stories for people who don’t like detective stories’.

“‘Sherlock’ isn’t like that. Obviously there’ll be many who don’t like it – those who think that the deerstalker and pipe in some way “are” Sherlock Holmes, and those who abhor any hint of sexuality in the world of Holmes and Watson – but they’ll be far outnumbered by those who absolutely love it, whether or not they were already Holmesians. (Of course there are mentions of sexuality – this is the 21st century – but Holmes himself is rightly played as essentially asexual.)

“It’s fascinating to see how aspects of the original stories are either used more-or-less unaltered or are replaced by perfect modern equivalents. It’s all done to a standard that the makers of those wartime films with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce could hardly have imagined.

“I’m in awe of Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. The second film, written by Stephen Thompson, doesn’t fizz in the same way as the first and the third, but all three are full of good things. They repay watching again – and again.

“It’s a great treat to have a Holmes and Watson of the right ages and the right temperaments. The acting throughout is excellent – and I’m particularly impressed by Mark Gatiss as Mycroft Holmes.”

Nicholas Utechin

‘Anything that keeps Mr. Holmes in front of an ever-more busy electronic clientele – while remaining true to the basics – has my vote, 123 years after original publication.

We’ve had the classics – we’ve had the classic rewritten in the Downey-Law film – we’ve had the young Holmes in film and books. Now, Moffat and Gatiss have done, and succeeded tremendously well with, the obvious: bring the Baker Street duo absolutely up to date.

Cumberbatch exploded onto our screens wonderfully (if occasionally delivering his deductions at too machine-gun a pace), and Freeman is the revalation: a Watson de nos jours. No one could disagree with Roger that Episode 2 was below the standards of its two confreres (interesting that the writing credit for that one was neither Moffat or Gatiss – and why put in a different Scotland Yarder than the excellent Rupert Graves as Lestrade…and if you have to, at least give him a Canonical soubriquet!

It works, and I am very glad that there will be more. The terrestrial viewing pulbic have voted with their, er, eyes, for something that the BBC (I would say it, wouldn’t I?!) has provided.”

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