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Alistair Duncan Sherlock Holmes Collection

Love it or hate it the new Sherlock Holmes movie has led to a whole new generation of fans becoming interested in the great detective. To celebrate all of the Holmes websites seeing record visitor numbers since the film has been released, we have an offer on a trilogy of books that are the ideal collection for Holmes fans new or old.

Alistair Duncan is widely recognised as one of the most talented young Holmes historians in the world today. His debut book “Eliminate The Impossible” continues to get rave reviews worldwide as a frank, fascinating and sometimes controversial review of the stories on page and screen. He followed this last year with one of the most popular books on Holmes in the USA today “Close To Holmes” which reviews the places across London featured in the Sherlock Holmes books and dear to Arthur Conan Doyle (ACD) too – including the British Museum. Alistair’s latest book “The Norwood Author” is a specific work looking at the ‘lost’ Norwood years 1891-1894 when ACD live in that area and wrote some of his most important work. Alistair has tirelessly worked to have a tribute featured in the local area, being from Norwood himself, culminating in a new ACD tribute being unveiled.

Become one of the first to receive the new book as part of a bundle of the three books (worth £29.97) and get a Society discount of £10 by using the coupon shsmovie at the checkout. The offer is available to all members as the website ships worldwide. The new book is released on 1st March but society members will get theirs pre-release in early February.

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