Sherlock Holmes Society January Offer

Rugby Football in the Nineteenth Century

To celebrate the launch of “Rugby Football in the Nineteenth Century” by Bertram Fletcher Robinson’ (£14.99) on the 16th February we have a very special offer for members of the Society. Pre-order the book on the MX Publishing website and they will include a limited edition hardback of the Bertram Fletcher Robinson biography signed by author Paul R Spiring worth £18.99.

As many of you know Betram Fletcher Robinson (BFR) was assistant plot producer on “The Hound of The Baskervilles” and is widely credited as being the catalyst for Arthur Conan Doyle’s revival of, and subsequent worldwide acclaim of Sherlock Holmes. But for BFR’s involvement our beloved detective may never have become the father of all modern crime fiction. The biography is a fascinating insight into the relationship between BFR and ACD and the background to “The Hound”. There are fifty limited edition copies available to the first fifty members that visit the site and use the voucher code shslimited at the checkout.

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