Sherlock Holmes (In One Take)!


"Sherlock Holmes (In One Take)" –  

History Bombs, as the website says, is "a young, fresh and innovative creative team based in Hampshire, England. We work with broadcast, commercial and cultural partners to deliver award winning videos, live performances and educational workshops. Renowned for our highly engaging and accessible narratives, we are passionate about bringing history to life for all ages." (

That's no exaggeration, as you'll see when you watch this video, produced in collaboration with Portsmouth City Council to promote the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection. Portsmouth – or, rather, its suburb, Southsea – is where Conan Doyle's literary career really took off, with the creation in 1886 of Sherlock Holmes, so it was natural that the late Richard Lancelyn Green, one of the world's great authorities on the writer and his work, should bequeath his fabulous collection to the city. See

We think you'll enjoy the History Bomb of Sherlock Holmes. We're sure you'll enjoy a visit to the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection Lancelyn Green Bequest.

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