Sherlock Holmes in India – 2025

Sherlock Holmes in IndiaSherlock Holmes in India 2025

The tour of a lifetime

India was an outstanding jewel for Victorian Britain. Many of the characters in the tales of Sherlock Holmes – not least John Watson – have strong links to India and it is not unlikely that Holmes himself visited India during the Great Hiatus. It seems entirely proper therefore that the Society should undertake a pilgrimage to India.

Download Brochure – First Steps to India

Sherlock Holmes in India is a bespoke trip, tailored for the Society by specialist tour operator TransIndus not only to visit the sights, but also to enjoy special events relevant to the world of Sherlock Holmes and Victorian times that resonate with our interests. Our provisional programme is as follows:

22 February: We arrive in Kolkata, the former capital of British India to explore its historical sites and party on the river in costume.

25 February: Fly on to Lucknow, known as much for its cultural heritage, architecture and famous Avadh Cuisine as for the tumultuous events of 1857.

28 February: Travel by coach to Agra. No trip to India is complete without a visit to the Taj Mahal, but there is much else of historical interest to enjoy, including Agra Fort, which [;ays a significant part in ‘The Sign of Four’.

02 March: We move on to Delhi, the vibrant heart of India by coach

05 March: Travel by train to Shimla, the summer capital of the Raj, set in the foothills of the Himalayas

08 March: Return to Delhi by train, ready for departure on 09 March

The Taj Mahal in Agra, whose fort is a key location in The Sign of Four

We will be travelling in style and staying in hotels that are not only comfortable but also have resonances with the times of Holmes and Watson. And, as ever with our pilgrimages, there will be opportunities to don a costume and take part in parties and playlets in character.

All the details of the trip – the itinerary and the activities we expect to undertake will be available early January.

All the details of the trip – the itinerary and the activities we expect to undertake – are in the brochure. This will be updated as details of the trip are developed, particularly the Sherlockian elements.

Download Brochure – First Steps to India

Places on the pilgrimage are limited (we are expecting 25 – 40 pilgrims), but equally we need to be confident that there is sufficient interest among Society members and their guests for the trip to be viable.

You have the opportunity to register your interest without commitment by completing the form at the bottom of this page. At the end of January we will assess whether there is enough interest for us confidently to proceed.

Given that this is the case, TransIndus will take over and you will be asked to pay a deposit with them, returnable only if the trip does not go ahead, to reserve a place on the trip. Again, we will check that there are enough members committed to the trip by the end of March to ensure that it will be a great success.

We do hope that you will be interested in what will be one of the most ambitious and stunning of the trips organised by the Society. If you have any queries, do contact us at

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