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Compiled by Jessica Woolf

This book traces the history of The Sherlock Holmes Society of London via its ever-growing Archive at the Westminster Reference Library.

For many years, boxes and files were stored in the basement of the former Marylebone Library.   In 2009, a first effort was made to see exactly what was in those boxes and files and to provide a listing.   Since then, Catherine Cooke has overseen a professional curation of the Archive – with funding provided by the Society – and a detailed catalogue of the contents has been drawn up (unpublished, for it grows all the time).

Jessica Woolf started work in the Archive with Catherine in 2014 as a young trainee Museums and Archives professional, and has put together a fantastically-illustrated celebratory volume – her tutors having wisely accepted her proposal that a book on her work with the Society could form a major part of her Master’s course.

The great Society names such as Gavin Brend, S. C. Roberts, Ivar Gunn, Lord Donegall – well as some less highlighted over the years – are all present.   From cow bells to crystals, from cuttings books to catalogues – with a vast side-order of photographs and original papers – Jessica has fashioned a most striking and attractive narrative of the Society from its founding in 1951 to the present day.

With material provided to the Archive by such luminaries as Tony Howlett and Bernard Davies (amongst many others), plus Swiss trips, Charing Cross Hotel dinners (yes, there was life before the House of Commons!) and throw in a Baltic cruise: all Society life is here!

We are so very pleased that our Founding Member Freda Howlett – in her 100th year – has written the Preface; Catherine Cooke has provided an informative Introduction.

For Society members old and new – and Holmesians and Sherlockians everywhere – Through The Archives must be an essential and colourful addition to their collection; the Archive is the Society’s unique treasure and with this volume, you have a first chance to see what lies within.

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