A Singular Countryside


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Published: 2017

Edited by Nicholas Utechin, David Jones and Heather Owen

The Society is delighted to be returning to Norfolk to study the two challenging cases which confronted Sherlock Holmes in Nelson’s county.

The game is afoot as we follow the coded chalk drawings in ‘The Adventure of The Dancing Men’ and trace the locations of Donnithorpe, the home of Squire Trevor in ‘The Adventure of The Gloria Scott.’

Our Handbook “A Singular Countryside” features new perspectives on articles from the celebrated 1984 Norfolk Handbook. Margaret Bird revisits the 1984 Weekend and demonstrates, in her correspondence with Mr Cubitt, how Holmesian research should be conducted. Shirley Purves outlines her compelling research into the exact location of Ridling Thorpe Manor and Robert Graham gives the background of that Dancing Men and Women photograph!

Randall Stock has researched the inspiration for one of the canon’s “most unforgettable titles.” Nick Utechin has fascinating observations concerning the friendship between Holmes and Victor Trevor and he has looked closely at Watson’s style of writing!

The Society has, perhaps, waited too long to return to the country of the Broads. This Handbook, with its splendid photographs, will encourage established Holmesians to return to the stories and it provides a timely focus for newer students of The Great Detective.



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