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Couples living at the same address may, if they wish, take out a Joint Subscription with each partner enjoying the rights of Full Membership. The minimum age for Joint membership is 18. Joint members will only be sent one hard copy of the Journal which will be posted to you both and one set of all the notices of Society meetings and other activities. Both Joint Members can attend and participate at these meetings. Guests of Full Members are usually welcome at our meetings and events. The notices will be e mailed to the e mail address given. 

Membership purchased after the 1st October will also cover membership for the following year.

The Society also produces an informal newsletter, “The District Messenger”, available on the Society’s website. We can send you a reminder by e mail when a new edition is produced.

In order that we can make contact by post and e mail, both parties in the Joint Membership must consent to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), for the Sherlock Holmes Society of London (SHSL) to retain and use their names and address data. We would like to have a telephone number, where possible, in case we should ever need to contact you urgently. When you apply for membership you both need to give the SHSL your explicit consent (“opt in”) to hold your data. You can revoke this permission at any time in the future by giving us notice and information stored will be irrevocably deleted on non-renewal of the Joint Membership. Data provided by the member will only be used for SHSL purposes and will not be passed to any Third Parties. Payments are handled by PayPal and therefore The SHSL will not require or store any payment details.

For our Journal Archive shipping costs are based on the quantity of journals:

Location Base Fee (for 1 or more Journals) Additional Cost Per Journal
UK £1.83 £0.3
Europe £3.75 £0.6
Rest of World £4.5 £1.75


For all other products, prices shown include Postage and Packaging

Prices will be based upon your Shipping Address so may change based on where you want the products to be shipped to.

If you are looking to buy membership as a gift or multiple memberships, or if you experience difficulty with applying online, please contact the Membership Secretary:

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