A Gaggle of Governesses


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Date of publication: 1997
Edited by Pam Bruxner
65 Pages

This handbook complimented the Society’s Autumn day trip to the Canonically-fruitful county of Surrey to investigate the locales and backgrounds of such stories as Wist, Thor and Soli.

The cover was described as a triumph of the designer’s art, integrating beautifully Strand illustrations of the three relevant Governesses – ‘Miss Burnet’ of Wist, Violet Smith of Soli and Grace Dunbar of Thor.  The contents are top-notch, too.  Bernard Davies is probably right about every single identification he makes, writing with a logical consistency born of hours of research.

Cindy Stevens has two articles: a short piece on plants in Wist and a persuasive piece identifying San Pedro as the Dominican Republic. On the other hand, John Hall, in an extended survey of voodoo practices, suggests Haiti and Brazil as possible candidates.  B.J. Rahn displays a fine knowledge of governesses throughout literature.  Rick Grandia looks at bicycles and Richard Lancelyn Green gives us a photograph of Doyle’s three sisters ‘in their governess days’.


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