France in the Blood

France in the Blood


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Date of publication: 1993
Edited by Philip Porter and Catherine Cooke
92 Pages

During the great hiatus, Holmes travelled extensively and in late 1893 returned to France and “spent some time in research into coal-tar derivatives . . . conducted in a laboratory at Montpellier in the south of France”.

The Society has regularly visited Switzerland and this tradition of European expeditions was continued with a visit to France in 1993.

This book is a celebration of that expedition and of Sherlock Holmes’s many French connections. First and former, Holmes has a French grandmother.  He was regularly retained by French clients or upon cases which took him to that country.  For one such successful conclusion, he was awarded the Legion d’Honneur and received an autographed letter of thanks from the French President.

Thanks to a dazzling array of contributors from distinguished Holmesians from around the world you will learn the true significance of France in the remarkable life of Mr Sherlock Holmes.

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