Holmes and Watson – A new Chronology of their adventures


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Date of publication: 2008
By Vincent Delay
66 Pages

There have been a number of chronologies of the Sherlock Holmes stories over the years, and fortunately no two of them agree in all particulars. Now Vincent Delay gives us his arguments – with detailed analysis – for the dating of every one of the 60 stories in the Canon, and also for the dating of the stories mentioned by Watson, but which he was unfortunately never able to chronicle.

Vincent is a Swiss member of our Society, the Chairman of the Swiss Sherlock Holmes Society, and a Trustee of the Sherlock Holmes Museum at Lucens in Switzerland.

Vincent's work was written, and first published, in French, and now appears in an excellent English translation by Margaret Owens. The author has taken the opportunity to revisit and refine a few of his arguments for this English edition, and this work can be added to the list of chronologies which should be on the shelf of every student of the Holmes stories.

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