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10 x A6 Sherlock Holmes Society 2023 Christmas Cards with envelopes


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This digitally rendered and meticulously created image started with rough blocks in a 3D program for the room, furniture and people – before smaller blocks for set dressing were added. A pre-formed Holmes and Watson were inserted, along with props sourced from many places. Some objects, such as the turkey trolley, were created from scratch. A greyscale version further refined composition of lights and darks, and was then merged with the original in photoshop. Final touches were done by digital pen and ink. The artist is a fan of Sherlock Holmes and has created art for six recent Holmesian novels.

­Bonnie MacBird


The only canonical record of a Yuletide case is “The Blue Carbuncle”, which tells of events two days after Christmas, when Watson – now married to the former Mary Morstan and living near Paddington Station – has called at 221B to wish Holmes the compliments of the season.

Here is a scene from an earlier year, before Watson’s marriage. The parcels under the tree, and the enormous bird on the trolley suggest that guests were expected, but have cried off, since Holmes and Watson have doffed their jackets and sit in shirtsleeves.

The artist tells us that, “in keeping with tradition, not until Holmes had correctly deduced the age, height, weight and physical impediments of whoever killed the turkey was a morsel of Christmas dinner allowed to pass Watson’s lips.” Was the challenge self-imposed, or has Watson decided to test his friend’s deductive powers to the extreme?

In this unconventional ménage, singular details may be seen. The dial of the long-case clock has been rotated by five minutes, so that XI is at the top, instead of XII; the skeleton’s hat appears to be a low-crowned bowler adorned with the spike of a pickelhaube

Mr Mázers’ depiction is fanciful, but the Christmas celebrations at 221B were, surely, often rather unorthodox – and none the worse for that!

Roger Johnson

The cards are in packs of 10 with envelopes.

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