The Boscombe Valley Mystery Tour


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Date of publication: 1999
Edited by Anna Smyth
52 Pages

The organiser of the Mystery Tour, Anna Smyth, described the weekend as ‘A light hearted look at the West’.  Those who attended the superbly enjoyable weekend will remember it as a most pleasant blend of erudition and entertainment.

The handbook takes a more serious note – there is lots of good scholarly stuff here.  Auberon Redfearn is in serious vein on the medical aspects of Bosc;  Antony Richards goes into much detail about the railway journey to the Valley; Roger Johnson has some fun at Lestrade’s expense; Grant Eustace praises the story as one the that shows ‘. . . in all important respects a great writer comfortably into his series side’; while Nick Utechin details sixteen instances of pure chance in the adventure which lead him to dub it ‘. . . one of the most unsatisfactory of cases’.  


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