Not The Annual Dinner – The Blue Carbuncle Video

Here is a zoom production of an adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s great Sherlock Holmes Christmas story, The Blue Carbuncle.  An immense amount of work by very talented artists over a period of weeks went into this.

A message from writer and producer Bonnie MacBird:

“As the writer and one of the producers, I am deeply indebted to these talented artists who knocked themselves out to pull off this show in some of the darkest times we have all experienced.

It was a joint UK/US production with rehearsals and shooting taking place across thousands of miles, from the bedrooms and kitchens of all the actors, who had to be their own lighting, camera, makeup, props, and continuity persons and who stepped up like the champs they are – taking direction from Broadway star Robert Mammana (who also sang Mycroft) and with music and sound and broadcast masterminded by Ryan Johnson.

 A true “labor/labour” of love. “


  • Produced and Directed by Robert Mammana who also sings as Mycroft .
  • Produced, Original Music, and Music/Technical Direction by Ryan Johnson
  • Produced, Adaptation and Lyrics by Bonnie MacBird
  • Song edited by Garth Grinde


  • Jonathan LeBillon as Holmes and Dominic Brewer as Watson
  • Karesa McElheny as Baker/Breckenridge  and Bryan Coffee as Horner/Windigate
  • Robert Myles as James Ryder and Sarah Peachey as Catherine Cusack
  • Alex Phelps as Commissionaire Peterson.
  • Additional chorus members:  Harley Jane Kozak, Catherine Cooke, Anna Mintzer, Ryan Johnson, and Bonnie MacBird
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