“Not Only, But ALSo…” – The Alliance of Literary Societies newsletter

You may be a member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London– but did you know that the Society is itself a member of the Alliance of Literary Societies?

The Alliance of Literary Societies is the umbrella organisation for literary societies and groups in the UK. It was formed in 1973 and currently has around 125 members. The president is Claire Harman.

The ALS provides support and advice on a variety of literary subjects, as well as promoting cooperation between member societies. Each year it has a weekend event hosted by a different member society.

The Autumn/Winter issue of the ALS Newsletter is out now. It features

1. “Literary Lockdown” – Some reflections from our Chair on different ways for societies to engage with
their members online
2. “Tweeting for Dr Johnson” – The Johnson Society’s adventures on Twitter (“We now have 190 followers. This is small beer compared to Donald Trump’s 30.8 million, but ours are nicer people.”)
3. “Zola Readers: a virtual literary society since 2017” –  (“The lockdown precipitated by the pandemic crisis had no impact on the running of the Zola Readers group. We have been a virtual literary society, operating exclusively online, since our inception in May 2017.”)
4. “Positive Steps: Literary Lockdown on the Isle of Wight” – Re-reading the novels of Mark Rutherford
5. “Dreamtime : An Account of Lockdown Reading” – Rediscovering the Lake District with the Chinese “Silent Traveller” Chiang Yee
6. Reports from member societies and notice of next year’s ALS Annual General Meeting 

And you can read or download it here: https://allianceofliterarysocieties.files.wordpress.com/2020/08/autumn-2020.pdf 

We’re in distinguished company in the Alliance, alongside the likes of the Jerome K Jerome Society, the Robert Louis Stevenson Club, the Oscar Wilde Society, the J.M. Barrie Literary Society, the Kipling Society, the Dickens Fellowship, the Lewis Carroll Society, the Wilkie Collins Society, the Dracula Society, the John Buchan Society, the P.G. Wodehouse Society – and the Royal Society of Literature!

You’ll find the ALS website at https://allianceofliterarysocieties.wordpress.com/ 

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