Journal – Summer 2016


The Sherlock Holmes Journal is published twice a year, usually in June and December. It is the official voice of the Society and contains its transactions, news and reviews, letters and editorial notes. It is also home to the most erudite scholarship, publishing learned articles from Holmesians world-wide who have something to say on any aspect of Sherlock Holmes and his world. It has been appearing without a break since the first issue in May 1952.

The Summer 2016 issue is now out.

You can download the book reviews here: I Am an Omnivorous Reader.

And here is a summary of this issue’s contents:

Guest Editorial: “To Act, Sherlock – to Act!” by Elaine & Jonathan McCafferty
      A tribute to the actor whom many regard as the authentic Sherlock Holmes, illustrated with a triple portrait by Philip Cornell.

Editorial Notes
      Awards and investitures presented at our Society’s Annual Dinner and at the Annual Dinner of the Baker Street Irregulars.
      The Vidocq Society is an association of detectives who investigate “cold cases”.
      The Baker Street Irregulars of St George’s University of London study forensic medicine and pathology.
      Our member Charles Miller took part in the City of London’s Inter-Livery Pancake Race – dressed as Sherlock Holmes.

      Howard Ostrom’s catalogue of more than 1800 actors who have portrayed Sherlock Holmes is accessible online at Ross Foad’s site
      Thomas Bruce Wheeler’s interactive map Sherlock Holmes’s London complements his e-book The Mapped London of Sherlock Holmes. It’s at
      The Stepping Stones School at Undershaw, Conan Doyle’s former home, will open on the 9th September.
      The Loch Ness Monster – the original model made for the film The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes – has been found at the bottom of the Loch.
      Baker Street Elementary is a cartoon strip about our heroes’ schooldays. Find it at

“The (Tax) Return of Sherlock Holmes” by Roger Emerson
      Was Moriarty really an income tax inspector?

“Mowbray and the Three Holmeses” by Sonia Fetherston
The British actor Alan Mowbray had important roles in three Sherlock Holmes films, each with a different Holmes and Watson.

“A Secret of the Sea”
      Holmes and Watson discuss the fate of the “ghost ship” Mary Celeste.

Robinson Crusoe and The Sign of Fourby Stephen Bertman
The second Sherlock Holmes story owes a debt to Daniel Defoe’s masterpiece.

“The Beryl Coronation” by Valerie Schreiner
      The Guest of Honour at our Annual Dinner was the legendary Beryl Vertue, but it was her daughter Sue who delivered a witty speech. The second speaker was Peter Horrocks.

“The Game Is Afoot” by Roger Johnson
     With publication of the “Abbey Grange” manuscript facsimile imminent, the Society’s spring meeting was given over to a panel discussion of that remarkable adventure.

“Some Observations” by Nick Dunn-Meynell
Moriarty did exist, and it was Holmes who made him the Napoleon of Crime.

“An Incomparable Actor”Douglas Wilmer, 1920-2016
Nicholas Utechin’s obituary of our late Honorary Member, with tributes and reminiscences from Douglas’s friends and admirers.

Lynne Godden, 1920-2016
Jonathan McCafferty remembers our friend and colleague, the Society’s first Merchandising Officer.

Others we have lost in the past six months are the actors Anthony Valentine, Conrad Phillips, Alan Rickman, Frank Finlay and Adrienne Corri, the writers Dilys Winn and Umberto Eco, and the renowned Danish Sherlockian Bjarne Nielsen.

“I Am an Omnivorous Reader”
Book reviews.

The Complete Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Roger Johnson reviews the first dramatisation of the entire Holmes canon with the same leading actors and the same scriptwriter throughout.

Wigmore Street Postbag
Letters to The Sherlock Holmes Journal.

“Overrun by Oysters” by Julie Cohen
Our resident cartoonist looks at facial adornments.

“There Can Be No Question as to the Authorship”
Contributors to this issue of the SHJ.

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