“I believe your friend Watson played Rugby for Blackheath”

Thanks to Zoom, our own Roger Johnson, BSI will address the December meeting of the Sherlockians of Baltimore – without having to go through all that tedious business of passports and transatlantic travel

His subject is 

“Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes, and the Blackheath Connection”

And the meeting will take place on Saturday the 19th December at 1.00pm Eastern Standard Time – that’s 6.00pm Greenwich Mean Time.

John H. Watson played rugby for Blackheath, as did Godfrey Staunton — and George Turnavine Budd.
Arthur Conan Doyle met Jean Leckie there, John Hector McFarlane‘s mother lived there, Watson went there after calling on Josiah Amberly, and Neville St. Clair lived within easy walking distance of Blackheath Station.

After the meeting, there will be a social hour allowing attendees to chat among themselves.

If you’d like to attend this illustrated talk given by the Commissioning Editor of The Sherlock Holmes Journal, please register HERE.
Your registration confirmation will have the link to join the meeting – please hold onto that information!

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