“HOLMES & WATSON COUNTRY” – The Definitive Exploration!

The Society is proud to announce that the 2008 magnum opus by Bernard Davies has been reprinted as a beautiful paperback.

The original two-volume edition of Holmesian topographical research by one of our finest scholars has been out of print for years, with rare copies turning up online at rare prices.  Now, in this Second Edition, you can revisit Bernard’s adventures in identification at your leisure.

Whereabouts on Dartmoor was Baskerville Hall?  Which University did Sherlock Holmes attend?  Whereabouts in Baker Street was no. 221B?  Davies was definitive – and over the years, few ever had the temerity to query a Bernard identification.

In this handsomely-illustrated volume, Roger Johnson and Leslie Klinger update their original introductory words, but the results of Bernard Davies’s terrifyingly-precise work are as fresh as they were when they appeared over the decades in The Sherlock Holmes Journal and other publications.  This collection of his best essays is essential reading.

‘Bernard Davies, one of the greatest scholars working in the field of identifying canonical sites’ – The Baker Street Journal

‘26 items of Davies scholarship to illustrate what the man does best of all…The logic is impeccable’ –The Sherlock Holmes Journal

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