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The Conan Doyle Collection presents “Worldwide Doyle”

May 23 - May 26


News from the Conan Doyle Collection/ Lancelyn Green Bequest in Portsmouth –

Worldwide Doyle – May 2022

Following on from last year’s Professor Neil McCaw Lecture Series, we are delighted to present the following talks from researchers who have recently utilised the Richard Lancelyn Green Bequest’s vast Conan Doyle Collection.

Thanks to funding from Arts Council England, a further project will be running alongside this year’s lectures. The Detectives will take themes from the talks and give to local community groups to interpret into original pieces of work. For more information, please visit our website: https://www.visitportsmouth.co.uk/conan-doyle/our-work

Neil McCaw, Professor of Victorian Literature and Culture at Winchester University, passed away in 2020. He became involved in the Conan Doyle Collection in 2005, and spent his time here advising on the first initial cataloguing, and in identifying the Collection as a unique and diverse collection. Neil went on to give wider academic talks globally about the collection, which broadened our audiences, producing texts for exhibitions that have toured around the world to diverse audiences, writing, producing a manuscript facsimile for “The Adventure of the Creeping Man”, and curating the You Don’t Know Sherlock Holmes, Yet exhibition.

Professor Neil McCaw was a true advocate for the collection and his expert knowledge and advice has given such a fantastic legacy to this world class Collection, maintaining the collections original bequest to be made accessible to the public.


 “Conan Doyle as A.C. Smith – Football and Portsmouth”
by Michael Comben
23rd May 2022, 7pm – 8pm
via Zoom

And the the content would be – Setting the scene – what and where is Portsmouth and its history in the Victorian period, and research into the founding of the Portsmouth Football Club; Conan Doyle arrives in Portsmouth and the sport that a junior doctor played in Victorian England; founding and playing for the Portsmouth Association Football Club in the 1880s under the pseudonym of A.C.Smith; the founding of Portsmouth Football Club in 1898 and Conan Doyle’s links to the founders of the club.

Book online at: https://portsmouth.spydus.co.uk/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/MSGTRN/WPAC/EVENTS?HOMEPRMS=EVSESPARAMS


“In Search of Sherlock Holmes’s Doubles: Translation and Early Pastiches of A. C. Doyle’s World Famous Detective”
by Dr Antonija Primorac
University of Rijeka, Croatia
24th May 2022, 7pm – 8pm
via Zoom

This talk will present the findings of long-term archival research, carried out in the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection Lancelyn Green Bequest and the national libraries of Croatia and Slovenia, which inform the virtual exhibition “Sherlockovi dvojnici/ Sherlock’s Doppelgängers” at the National and University Library of Croatia in Zagreb, currently in preparation. The talk will focus on Sherlock Holmes’s action-loving double that appeared across Europe in penny dreadful editions, advertised as Conan Doyle’s own work and often published alongside the translations of Arthur Conan Doyle’s own stories about Holmes. This immensely popular series, originally titled Detective Sherlock Holmes and His World-famous Adventures, first appeared in 1907 in Germany and quickly spread across Europe and beyond. By examining the surviving copies and mapping the outreach of this always already translated series, the talk will challenge the assumptions of recent world literature theories that posit London and Paris as the centres for literary dissemination and examine the figure of Holmes’s doppelgänger as a prototype for subsequent neo-Victorian re-visionings of Sherlock Holmes on screen.

Book online at: https://portsmouth.spydus.co.uk/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/MSGTRN/WPAC/EVENTS?HOMEPRMS=EVSESPARAMS


“Conan Doyle and the Magnificent Mdivani
by David Gigauri
25th May 2022, 7pm -8pm
via Zoom

What do Sherlock Holmes, Coco Chanel, Rudolph Valentino, and the world’s richest girl have in common? – The Mdivanis.
In August 1936, the son of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Denis married Nina Mdivani. Although unknown now, Nina was one of the five Mdivani siblings who were a global household name at the time. Having fled the communist invasion of Georgia penniless, the family became the epicentre of the international ‘café society’ in the interbellum of the 20th century. Spanning continents, 11 weddings, seven divorces and five spectacular deaths, the Mdivani story became a glamorous, yet tragic saga. The individual story of Denis and Nina became the longest running Mdivani chronicle which developed beyond the earthly realm and continued long past Denis’s death in 1955.
I invite you to join my illustrated talk on Conan Doyle and his ‘Magnificent Mdivani’, from my upcoming book The Mdivani Saga.

Book online at: https://portsmouth.spydus.co.uk/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/MSGTRN/WPAC/EVENTS?HOMEPRMS=EVSESPARAMS


“Arthur Conan Doyle in The Idler Magazine”
by Dr Anne Chapman
26th May 2022, 7pm -8pm
via Zoom

In this talk Anne Chapman will discuss the ways in which Arthur Conan Doyle presented himself in the popular illustrated monthly magazine The Idler. Alongside short stories, his contributions to the periodical included the 1892 article, ‘The Glamour of the Arctic’, which draws on his experience as a ship’s surgeon aboard the Arctic whaling ship Hope, and, in 1893, a reflective piece in the series, ‘My First Book’, which describes his literary development from an early age. These pieces suggest how he wished the public to see him as he positions himself amongst the crew of the whaling ship and as he confers authority upon himself as a writer.  In both cases this talk will consider the ways in which The Idler’s illustrations also contribute to Conan Doyle’s autobiographical sketches.

Book online at: https://portsmouth.spydus.co.uk/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/MSGTRN/WPAC/EVENTS?HOMEPRMS=EVSESPARAMS


May 23
May 26
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