District Messenger no. 439 – New Editor’s First Issue! (and the missing issue 438…)

” ‘Any news, Mr Holmes, any news?’ he cried.” *

Our Chairman, Catherine Cooke, gallantly stepped in to provide DM no. 438, when interim editor Paul Thomas Miller was unable to do so. The previous non-appearance of that issue on the website is entirely my fault, for which I apologise. Here it is, along with the new issue, produced by our new permanent editor, Holly Turner. There will be more news and information from Holly and the DM each month from now on!
Roger Johnson

The District Messenger is the Society’s monthly newsletter, now edited by Holly Turner. It carries a wide range of information about events, people, performances and publications.

You can download the February issue here: DM 439 Feb 2024 (if a hotlink doesn’t work, copy and paste the URL into your address bar). And the January issue is here: DM 438 January 2024.

If you have information, comments or queries for the DM, please send them to Holly Turner at district.messenger.shsl@gmail.com.

n.b. You can find all the back issues of the DM at

* “The Adventure of the Second Stain



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