Michael Pennington & Margaret Colin


 The Return of Sherlock Holmes
(1987) (TV movie) 91mins

Director – Kevin Connor

Writer – Bob Shayne
Sherlock Holmes Michael Pennington
Jane Watson Margaret Colin
Ross Daniel Benzali
Violet Connie Booth
Kitty Sheila Brand
Toby Nicholas Guest
Spelman William Hootkins
Singer Ray Jewers
Ms. Houston Lila Kaye
Hopkins Paul Maxwell
Morstan Barry Morse
Hampton Olivier Pierre
Stark Shane Rimmer
Doctor Tony Steedman

With: Sneh Gupta, Deborah Weston, Nancy Paul, Miles Richardson, John Sterland, Howard Swinson, Hubert Tucker, Ricco Ross

The science of cryogenics is a wonderful thing beloved by those who believe they will somehow be revived from the dead in the years to come. The slight practical obstacle that no one has yet succeeded in such an enterprise in real life does not deter film makers from using it as a plot device when they need to move characters across intersteller space or move them through time. Despite refrigeration being a a little primitive in the 1890s, Holmes has been frozen and revived on more than one occasion, most recently in Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century.

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A cryogenically frozen Holmes is discovered by Watson's great grandaughter.
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Mr Holmes and Ms Watson
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