Charlton Heston


 The Crucifer of Blood
NEW LINE HOME VIDEO, 1991, 105 Minutes

Fraser C. Heston: Director
Carl Davis: Composer (Music Score)
Sherlock Holmes Charlton Heston
Dr. Watson Richard Johnson
Inspector Lestrade Simon Callow
Neville St. Claire John Castle
Birdy Johnson James Coyle
Alistair Ross Edward Fox
Irene St. Claire Susannah Harker
Tonga Kiran Shah
Jonathan Small Clive Wood
Wali Dad Stefan Kalipha
Sydney Livingstone Mordecai Smith
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Charlton Heston as Sherlock Holmes
Heston2.jpg (4617 bytes)>
Richard Johnson as Dr Watson
Heston3.jpg (7060 bytes)
Susannah Harker as Irene St. Claire

Heston4.jpg (7043 bytes)

 Simon Callow as Lestrade

Review: "Filmed in England, Crucifer of Blood is a made-for-cable movie based on the 1978 Sherlock Holmes play by Paul Giovanni. Charlton Heston portrays the Great Detective, aided by Richard Johnson as faithful Dr. Watson. The storyline, based on Conan Doyle's "Sign of Four", involves intrigues that set in motion in India during a native mutiny in the 1850s. A murder was committed over a valuable treasure, and the four British military officers responsible signed a pact of secrecy, with the additional proviso that they'd forever be "kind" to one another. Three decades later in 1887, the four men find their past catching up with them in a most fatal manner. Was the Indian treasure cursed? And will Holmes be able to stem the tide of blood and death? Crucifer of Blood is directed with verve and style by Frasier C. Heston, son of star Charlton."

Hal Erickson
All Movie Guide

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