The Missing Rembrandt (1932)

Made by Twickenham Film Studios Ltd. and registered for a UK release in February 1932, it wasn't shown in British cinemas until August. It was also released in the U.S. by First Division Pictures on March 25, 1932.

A "missing" Sherlock Holmes film, based on Charles Augustus Milverton, the story of the film featured in a booklet published in 1932 by the distributors, P.D.C. Ltd., and was reprinted in Charles Augustus Milverton on Stage, Screen and Radio (London: The Milvertonians of Hampstead, 1960). The plot in fact had been so expanded and changed that little remained of the Canonical story other than the central characters.

David Stuart Davies notes that despite Wontner writing his own dialogue to ensure "Doylelian fidelity", the film was not particularly good, with Wontner's performance failing to make up for the slow pace and contrived plot.

Miles Mander's appearance was the first of several as a supporting actor in Sherlock Holmes films. He was to make several appearances in Basil Rathbone's films

Director – Leslie S. Hiscott
Screenplay – Leslie Hiscott and Cyril Twyford
Producer – Julius Hagen
Photography – Sydney Blythe
Art Director – James Carter
Sherlock Holmes Arthur Wontner
Lady Violet Lamsden Jane Welsh
Claude Holford Miles Mander
Baron von Guntermann, the name used for Charles Augustus Milverton Francis L. Sullivan
Dr. Watson Ian Fleming
Carlo Ravelli Dino Galvani
Insp. Lestrade Philip Hewland
Mrs. Hudson Minnie Rayner
Marquess de Chaminade Anthony Holles
Manning Herbert Lomas
An Agent Ben Welden
Chang Wu Takase
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