Silver Blaze (1936)

Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Wontner in his last portrayal of Holmes) is called to the Baskervilles 20 years after his first adventure there. His old enemy, Moriarty, is fixing a big race, and the owner of the racehorse involved, Silver Blaze, is a Baskerville. Not particularly successful in Britain, it was not released in the US until 1941, where it was re-titled Murder at the Baskervilles to cash in on the Rathbone-Bruce film, The Hound of The Baskervilles. Produced by Alpha Video which is not known for high quality, the transfer from video source looks no better than VHS, but for $5 and no region encoding – which means anyone can view it – it is excellent value. Great cover art, for a relatively uncommon film. Recommended. Available from in the US, where your webmaster was able to obtain 5 DVDs for $25!

Twickenham Film Studios Ltd., 1936. Released in the U.S. by Astor, June 10, 1941, as Murder at the Baskervilles. 1 hr 10 mins

Director – Thomas Bentley
Producer – Julius Hagen
Screenplay – H. Fowler Mear
Sherlock Holmes Arthur Wontner
Dr. John H. Watson Ian Fleming
Prof. Robert Moriarty Lyn Harding
Jack Trevor Arthur Macrae
Diana Baskerville Judy Gunn
Inspector Lestrade John Turnbull
Sir Henry Baskerville Lawrence Grossmith
Miles Stanford, bookmaker Gilbert Davis
Colonel Ross Robert Horton
Silas Brown D.J. Williams
Col. Sebastian Moran Arthur Goullet
Bert Prince Ralph Truman
James Straker Martin Walker
Mary Straker Eve Gray
Mrs. Hudson Minnie Rayner
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