Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes and Portsmouth


When the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection was established in Portsmouth in 2005, based on the magnificent collection bequeathed by Richard Lancelyn Green, Neil McCaw, Professor of Victorian Literature and Culture at the University of Winchester, was appointed Academic Director.

He taught Victorian fiction and crime culture, with a particular interest in Sherlock Holmes. During the Society’s weekend visit to Winchester he gave a thought-provoking and entertaining talk on Victorian attitudes to crime as reflected in the chronicles of Sherlock Holmes; it was easy to see why he was so well regarded as a lecturer.

Professor McCaw died last year, at just fifty years of age. To commemorate his commitment and dedication to the Conan Doyle Collection, and to showcase the legacy of his work, by sharing learning and broadening the knowledge of the collection, Portsmouth Library & Archive Service will host a series of free virtual lectures by people – authors, fans, academics – who are also passionate about Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes, and who have a connection to the Conan Doyle Collection.

On Thursday 27th May, at 7.00pm
SHRABANI BASU will discuss her new book
The Mystery of the Parsee Lawyer:
Arthur Conan Doyle, George Edalji, and the Case of the Foreigner in the English Village

On Thursday 3rd June, at 7.00pm
Dr KATHARINE BROMBLEY will talk about
Early Sherlock Holmes Fandom, from 1890s to 1930s 

On Thursday 10th June, at 7.00pm
ALISTAIR DUNCAN will consider
Arthur Conan Doyle, Money and the Centenary of the Case-Book

On Thursday 17th June, at 7.00pm
S.E. DAHLINGER will look at
The Glamorous American: William Gillette as Sherlock Holmes

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