Christmas Cards 2020

One Winter’s Night

Every year the Society seeks to bring to Holmes enthusiasts an annual Christmas Card that illustrates the spirit of the season with a Sherlockian flair.  This year we sought the artistic talent of Holmesians from all around the world with a Christmas Card art contest.

We had a great turnout with a variety of wonderful entries and selected a finalist that, we think, embodies all that a Sherlock Holmes Christmas would entail.

Laurence Pernet, the winning artist, writes

“I am from Switzerland and, obviously, have an interest in Sherlock Holmes, which I am always fond of expressing through illustration, an activity which is my favourite.

The idea behind my design was simply to depict the cosiness of a wintery moment in the sitting-room at Baker Street, with the emblematic fireplace and its comforting blaze.  An evocation of the everlasting prelude of any Holmesian adventure.  “One winter’s night, as we sat together by the fire . . .” is a quotation from “The Musgrave Ritual” that could equally be the beginning of a Christmas story.  What this story could be is left to your imagination.”

The Card is available in packs of ten.

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