Memorial Bench in Meiringen

Two members of the Society, who both died in 2011, did much for the Society over many years – particularly in assisting Albert Kunz in the organisation of the Swiss Pilgrimages of the Society.

Lady Gore-Booth

We were very sorry to learn of the death on 2nd February of Lady Gore-Booth, whose late husband Lord Gore-Booth was President of the Society from 1966 to 1978. Our former Chairman Philip Porter is one of many who remember Pat Gore-Booth with great fondness:”A most delightful lady. I have very fond memories of her […]

The Sherlock Holmes Anniversary Meetup 2012

The weekend of January 28/29 is a special date for Holmesians. Although some say that the actual date of Holmes and Watson’s first meeting was a bit closer to New Year’s Day, January 28 has been celebrated for generations as the anniversary of literature’s greatest friendship. The recent franchises by Warner Brothers and the BBC respectively have breathed new life into the time-honoured characters of Holmes and Watson and consequently attracted a large number of new devotees to the cult of Sherlock Holmes.