ATTENTA … ATTENTA … ATTENTA … Catherine Cooke is recruited by the Red Circle!

Catherine Cooke is to be the next virtual guest of The Red Circle of Washington D.C. on Saturday 13th March, when she gives a presentation:

“Nervous and Terse: Mr. Bradshaw and his Railway Guide” 

“We’re so pleased that our friend Catherine Cooke will join us from London for The Red Circle’s quarterly meeting, our fourth virtual venture. Sherlock Holmes once observed that his brother Mycroft “runs on his rails,” but he might have said the same about all of Great Britain and Ireland. Catherine will plumb the depths of the indispensable publication always at the fingertips of Holmes and Watson: Bradshaw’s Railway Guide.”

This senior U.S. scion society (run these many years by our new Honorary Member Peter E. Blau) has previously called on Nick Utechin and Mattias Bostrom for contributions, as the pandemic opens and broadens potential for Sherlockian potential.

It is not too late to register for the meeting – 1pm Eastern Standard Time (USA), 6pm GMT.  Go to the website and follow the obvious guidance to register.

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