Chairman and Council

Please find below a complete list of Council Members with email addresses where appropriate.


Mr Jonathan McCafferty



Mr David Jones 

Meetings Secretary

Miss Catherine Cooke

Catherine Cooke

Membership Secretary

Mrs Cath Mayo

The Sherlock Holmes Society

Hon Treasurer

Mr Ashley Mayo

Ashley Mayo

Press and Publicity Officer
and Hon Editor

Mr Roger Johnson

Hon Editor

Ms Heather Owen

Heather Owen

Council Members

Mr John Morewood

John Morewood

Mrs Carole Markham

Mr Luke Kuhns

Mr Marcus Geisser

Ms Valerie Schreiner

Ms Jane Arnold-Forster

Co-Opted Members


Mr Jonny Hough

Jonny Hough

Society Historian

Mr Nick Utechin

Mr Nick Utechin

Merchandising Officer

Mr Paul Gillings

Mr Paul Gillings