“A Study in Postcards”

We are pleased to offer the Society’s latest publication.   Sarah Obermuller-Bennett has been collecting classic postcards with a Holmesian theme for many years – and here presents gems from her collection and provides fascinating background research for each example.

William Gillette appears, of course, as do H.A. Saintsbury and Eille Norwood – but do you know the French actor Firmin Gémier, or the Icelandic actor Bjarni Bjornsson?   What is interesting about Exeter’s Theatre Royal on a 1907 postcard, and why has Sarah included a photo of a Hastings shoemaker holding a marrow in 1917?   Why was the museum in Aurillac significant in 1910, or a brand of shoe-heels in 1904?  Did you know that there was a brief fashion for leather postcards in early 20th century America?  All is revealed in this sumptuously-illustrated glossy volume.   With e-mail already so passé, Sarah’s enthusiasm for communication from an earlier age shines through on every page, casting light on a wonderful area of Sherlockiana.

A Study in Postcards
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