Conan Doyle and London – a symposium

Sherlock Holmes – and so much more!

There will be a symposium on 15th November at Senate House, University of London on Conan Doyle and London. 

London was not just the place where hansom cabs drew up outside 221B Baker Street to disgorge new problems for the great detective. It was also home to the medical district around Harley Street where Conan Doyle hired consulting rooms and vainly waited for patients, to newbuild suburbs like South Norwood where he moved with his young family in 1891, and to the network of Spiritualist meeting places described in his novel of 1925, The Land of Mist.

Conan Doyle’s work has always had popular appeal, and now attracts a growing critical and scholarly interest. Conan Doyle and London is the first event associated with a new scholarly enterprise from Edinburgh University Press, The Edinburgh Edition of the Works of Arthur Conan Doyle.


Douglas Kerr, “Man of Letters, Man About Town”
Jonathan Cranfield, “Of Time and the City: Conan Doyle and London Print Culture”
Andrew Glazzard, “‘A great traffic was going on, as usual, in Whitehall’: Public Places and Secret Places in Sherlock Holmes’s London”
Catherine Cooke, “I have my eye on a suite in Baker Street”
Roger Luckhurst, “Conan Doyle and Medical London”
Christine Ferguson, “Cosmopolitan Spiritualism and Doyle’s The Land of Mist

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