The Sherlock Holmes Society of London

The wide world of Sherlock Holmes

Conan Doyle




Roger Moore

US 1976 99 mins

Director - Boris Sagal

Screenplay - Alvin Sapinsley

Sherlock Holmes Roger Moore
Dr. Watson Patrick MacNee
Professor Moriarty John Huston
Irene Adler Charlotte Rampling
Inspector Lafferty David Huddleston
Fräulein Reichenbach Signe Hasso
Mortimer McGrew Gig Young
Daniel Furman Leon Ames
Heller John Abbott
Haymarket Proprietor Jackie Coogan
Nicole Romaine Maria Grimm
Office Manager William Benedict
Mrs. Hudson Marjorie Bennett
Man in checkered suit Paul Sorenson
Stage Doorman John Steadman
Nickers Robert Ball
Workman #1 Vince Barbi
Workman #2 Roy Goldman
Policeman Tom Denver
Carriage Driver Gil Perkins
Haymarket Driver Harvey Parry
Engineer Alvin Sapinsley
Woman on the pier Shawn Mallory
Scott Adler Geoffrey Moore

Roger Moore dons the deerstalker and pipe to play Holmes, who pursues Moriarty (John Huston) to New York, where the villainous scoundrel has carried out the ultimate bank robbery. Meanwhile, Holmes enjoys a blossoming romance with Irene Adler (Charlotte Rampling), who becomes the target of a kidnap by Moriarty.

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