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‘[A] joy to read . . . surely a must-have for attendees and a piece of Society history that others would want in their collection’

Valerie Schreiner, The Sherlock Holmes Journal

‘[T]his invaluable series of handbooks…’

Steven Rothman, The Baker Street Journal


We are delighted to say that some copies remain of the Society’s latest handbook, at the attractive price for UK buyers of £7.75 (incl. postage).   This is the 33rd in an amazing list of such publications that the Society has produced since 1979 – scholarly books created to accompany excursions undertaken by members and their guests (day-trips, long weekends, cruises, Continental tours…all have been grist to the mill).

Three years ago, Society members visited William Gladstone’s Hawarden Library in Flintshire, Wales, and this resulting publication celebrates that expedition with papers relevant to Wales, Gladstone and politics.  Contributors include Roger Johnson on Canonical Prime Ministers, David Jones finding an intriguing ‘Devil’s Foot’ connection and Martin Edwards cleverly revisits the puzzle posed by the politician, the lighthouse and you know what!   Ashley Mayo suggests volumes that must have had a place in Holmes’s own library, Guy Marriott crosses the Atlantic for political inspiration and Nick Utechin lays bare Holmes’s involvement in Gladstonian politics.

Any member building their own library of Holmesian material should use as many of these handbooks as vital scholarly bricks – and a number of older issues in the series are still available at appetizing prices.


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