Christmas Card 2019


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Electric Avenue, Brixton

Electric Avenue lies just off the Brixton Road in south London, at its junction with Coldharbour Lane.   Laid out in the 1880s, it was the first market street in Britain to be lit by electric light and many of its original Victorian iron and glass canopies lasted until the 1980s.

This image (already loaded with Christmas trees, but enhanced into extra seasonal colour by Heather Owen) is based on a photograph which appeared in The Sketch on 20th February in that most Holmesian of years, 1895.   It was taken by Frederick Rolfe (1860-1913) – the somewhat eccentric writer and artist better known as Baron Corvo.

It can only be a matter for excitable conjecture as to the identity of the gentleman in the foreground; inexplicably, he does not appear in the Corvo original.

The card (measuring 15.50cm x 11cm) will be produced in full colour and will be available in packs of ten.



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