From Abbey to Wiles


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Date of Publication: 2016

By Nicholas Utechin

Guy Marriott, President of The Sherlock Holmes Society of London has this to say about the book –

It is with much pleasure that I commend this slim, profusely-illustrated, book to Society members.  With colourful reproductions of many of the dust-wrappers which have adorned the Uniform Editions of the classic stories published over the years by John Murray (and one by Ward Lock), our long-time member, and former Journal Editor, Nicholas Utechin, has performed a valuable piece of detection and research.  He seeks to identify many of the leading, but generally unknown and unrecognised, cover artists at work in Britain during the early and mid-20th century and who were commissioned by the publishers to produce cover art for these volumes.  Where possible, Nick includes brief biographical details on the artists.

The text is, as always with Nick, witty and entertaining, and raises further questions which others may be tempted to follow up.  20 covers by 7 artists are reproduced in excellent colour in the book’s 28 pages and have been researched by Nick over a number of years.  The author reviews differences of approach in portraying Sherlock Holmes, notes differences in the same cover appearing over the years in different editions, and includes criticism where necessary.

Published by the Society in a strictly limited edition, this book can be confidently recommended as a gift for Christmas (or indeed, at any other time) and, while it may be read from cover-to-cover at one sitting, its shelf life for collectors is lengthy.  In short, highly recommended!


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